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Blackjack Betting Strategies To Win Every Time You Play
Well, it is not exactly possible to win every time you play blackjack, but there are some strategies that can help you win more of your bets. Most of the blackjack strategies in use today are based on the progressive betting system, which involves increasing or decreasing the bet amount after every win or loss.There are the following two common types of progressive systems.
Positive progression in which the bet amount is increased after each win and decreased (or remains unchanged) after a loss. The idea is to maximise profits and minimize losses.

Negative Progression involves increasing the bet amount after each loss. Martingale system is an example of negative progressive systems in which the bet amount is increased (usually doubled) after you lose a bet with the aim to recover the losses and make a profit with each win.

Top Blackjack Strategies

Here are some of the most popular blackjack strategies that actually work.

1-3-2-6 betting Strategy

This is a really simple blackjack strategy. It involves placing the bets in line of 1, 3, 2 & 6 after each winning bet. It can only be applied after you’ve already won a bet and ends when you lose a bet. Let’s understand this strategy with an example.

Suppose that you are starting to bet on a blackjack game with $10 as your first bet. Now, if you lose 3 bets in a row, you will continue to have to bet the same amount. However, if you win a bet, your next bet should be 10×3 = $30, and then $20, and $60. The sequence continues for 4 winning bets in a row. If you lose any bet in between, the sequence should not be continued and the next bet will be the same as the first bet. And if you win the 5th bet as well, the sequence should start again from $10.

The idea behind mixing up your bet sizes between low and high is to reduce the risk of losing a big amount in a single bet. It is not exactly a definite sequence but still a nice structure to give your betting a proper base and make sure that you enjoy the game without losing much.

This is a recommended blackjack betting strategy for those who are looking to have some fun and lots of entertainment in casinos and are satisfied with small winnings. This method can also help you win big, but the risk gets higher with the increase in bet amount.

Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Betting Strategy

The Oscar’s Grind is a positive progressive betting system. It was originally developed to be used at the game of craps, but is now widely used as a proven blackjack strategy. The aim of this technique is to minimize the losses and ensure small yet consistent profits at a game. It involves making exactly one unit of profit (one bet) in each sequence.

You start betting with 1 unit and if you win that bet, the sequence starts again since you’ve achieved the profit goal. And if you lose the bet, the next bet should be down to 1 unit. In order to recover the loss, you should begin the progressive system in which the second bet is also of 1 unit. If you win that bet, you’ve recovered the loss but haven’t made a profit yet. So, your next bet is double the original amount. You keep adding one unit to your stakes until the aim of making a 1 unit profit is achieved. Once you make that profit, the sequence starts again.

One unit here represents the first bet you’re making in a blackjack game. This is not a fixed amount and can be decided based on user choice and bankroll and how much profit they want to make in the game.

So, here’s how it works. When you win a bet, you next bet would be 1 unit higher. When you lose, your next bet should be exactly 1 unit. You have to stop right when you have made an exact profit of 1 unit. Then, start the sequence again with 1 unit.

If you analyze this strategy carefully, you will find that the bet amount is kept at the minimum while you are losing. This is to minimize your losses. And when you’re winning, the bet amount is increased gradually until the targeted profit is made. See an example table below.

Bet 1 unit – Loss (-1) -> Bet 1 unit – Loss (-2) -> Bet 1 unit – Win (-1) -> Bet 2 units – Win (1) -> STOP

We keep the same bet as long as we are losing and once we win a bet, we start increasing the bet amount by 1 unit until we make a profit of exactly 1 unit. Once that happens, we stop betting and start the sequence from scratch.

However, if you are looking to make big profits from this game, you can try to keep increasing the bet amount, only if you are on a winning streak. See the example below.

Bet 1 unit – Win (1) -> Bet 2 units – Win (3) -> Bet 3 units – Win (6) -> Bet 4 units – Win (10) -> Bet 5 units – Loss (5) -> STOP

Know that you have to stop as soon as you hit a loss. And since you are already in profit, you have no regrets. This is a wonderful way to earn big while playing safe in blackjack.

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