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Common Terms Used In A Lottery Game – Every Lottery Player Should Know
Being a frequent lottery player will help you get the experience and knowledge you need to do good at lotteries. Even though lottery is mostly a game of chance, you can still increase your winning odds by playing wisely. One thing you need to know for sure while playing the lottery at an online casino are the terms associated with this game. These common lottery terminologies and lingo will help you become a part of the group and enjoy more in the game.

Lottery Terminologies every lottery player should know (and use)

  • Quick pick: This represents the random set of lottery numbers chosen by a computer or at a lotto point-of-sale terminal.
  • High-frequency Numbers: A mathematics strategy used in the lottery to figure out the numbers that are more frequent than others to be able to predict the next lotto selection.
  • Wins: The total amount of money offered or awarded to all winners based on matching numbers on a particular lottery.
  • Bonus numbers: The special numbers, also called supplementary numbers, drawn in addition to the regular winning lotto numbers. These bonus numbers are usually associated with a special category of prizes.
  • Wheeling System: It is a lottery strategy that involves betting on a group of numbers rather than on standard numbers in a number of draws. The strategy is designed to cover all the possible combinations of a set of numbers or at least a portion of these combinations, which ensures a higher rate of win and more prizes.
  • Decima: Represents the tenth part of a full lottery ticket that gives the holder 10% ownership of the ticket number.
  • Lottery: A lucky draw in which there are a finite or fixed number of tickets and possibilities.
  • Jackpot: The highest prize set to be awarded in a lottery or lotto game.
  • Chances: The number of opportunities a particular ticket or number has to win a prize of any amount in a lotto game. It depends on the number of draws played in that particular lottery round.
  • Keno: A type of lotto game in which the player is allowed to pick as many as ten numbers from a large pool of numbers. The payouts are higher depending on the matched numbers a player gets.
  • Draws: The process or event of drawing a lucky number in a lottery game, based on which the tickets with matched numbers are awarded.
    6/49 or 6/45: A standard lottery format in which the player can pick six lotto numbers from the available 45 or 49 numbers.
  • Matching numbers: The process of comparing drawn numbers to the ticket numbers played. Prizes are distributed according to specific numbers matched in a draw.
    Rollover: When the jackpot prize money is rolled over or carried over to the next draw as there is no winner of the first draw or jackpot.
  • Raffle: A lucky draw in which the number of possibilities or combinations are finite, and there is usually a guaranteed winner.
  • Lotto: A special type of lottery game in which the winning numbers are drawn by a drop-ball. This type of game usually has an unlimited supply of tickets to be
  • purchased but only has a fixed number of possibilities of numbers.
  • Superdraw: A special type of drawing in which the largest prize-money (jackpot) winning number/ticket is announced.
  • Subscription: A ticket or set of tickets that plays the same set of numbers for a particular period of time. For example, a six-month subscription would involve playing the same range of ticket numbers for an extended period of six months.
  • Odds: The probability ratio of winning any prize on a lottery draw.
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