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How To Select Lucky Lottery Numbers And Win

7 Ways to Increase The Odds of Winning a Lottery
January 12, 2018 7:42 pm

Money can solve problems and buy comfort for you. However, not everybody is rich. And we all agree that getting rich requires not only hard work but also a good amount of luck. Every day millions of people around the globe buy lottery tickets hoping for that elusive big payoff and find the ultimate gateway leading to great luxury and comfort. But when it comes to choosing the tickets, almost all people select numbers intuitively. Many others select tickets similar to their own or loved one’s birthdates, anniversaries etc. Here you can play lottery online

Is this the right approach though? Not according to the Rule of odds. With a proper approach, you can increase the chances of winning a lottery. Here’s how.

This is how the Lottery System works

After buying the ticket, you select a particular set of numbers from a fixed range offered by the Lottery Host. At the time of result, numbers are drawn randomly to select the winner. If these numbers are same as the ones you selected at time of purchase, you have hit the jackpot. However, even if only a part of selection matches the winning numbers, despair not, depending on the terms and conditions you are in for a good prize. Now we see that proper selection increases your chance of winning manifolds. Following are some tips that you may follow the next time you decide to dive into the world of lotteries.

Tips for Increasing the odds of winning

1. The odds of winning scratch off cards are higher than lottery tickets. So, you can consider buying them alternatively. However, the prize money is low as compared to a lottery.

2. Every State has a pool of lottery games with different odds of winning. Play the right game by checking the odds to maximize your chance and profits.

3. Chances of winning a lottery are proportional to the number of tickets purchased. Join a syndicate and increase your investment pool by pairing up with other buyers, friends, family members etc. Make sure to have a proper agreement on sharing the prizes.

4. When selecting the numbers to bet on, draw a wide pool of even and odd numbers. Never bet on consecutive numbers.

5. Increase your payout by adding a higher number to your selection.

6. Always buy from trusted authorities and remember never to pay up-front to claim a prize.

7. The lottery host never notifies. Be alert and check your winning tickets.

8. Use technology. There are a lot of online websites/apps/forums that provide important lottery statistics. They also help in selecting the numbers. Do take their help because a calculated guess is far better than an irrational one.

In conclusion, if you happen to be one of the lucky ones and end up winning a handsome amount, be very alert and keep the lottery signed for proof. Keep a copy in case you cash it via mail.

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