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Online Roulette


Our roulette in Singapore is based on the real game you encounter in casinos throughout the world. There are two main components to the game – the roulette itself (French for “little wheel”) and the table. On the roulette, you’ll notice 36 numbers, one 0, and in some versions of the game, one 00. The table features the same, corresponding numbers, as well as a few additional options, including first to third 12, 1-18, 19-36, odd, even, black, and red.

Once the bets are made for a game of roulette online in Singapore, the wheel spins and a small, white ball is sent onto it. Eventually, the ball stops on a winning number and color. There are a few types of bets you can make, each with their own paying odds. For instance:

Betting “straight up” means you attempt to guess the exact number and color the ball will land on. This type of bet pays 35:1.

Split betting means you bet on two possible numbers and, if correct, you earn a 17:1 profit.

In a street bet, you pick three numbers for a potential 11:1 profit.

You can bet on four numbers in a corner bet that pays off 8:1.

Finally, you can even bet on six numbers in six-line betting. If you are correct in your guess, you win 5 times your wager.

There are also a series of “outside” bets to consider when playing roulette online in Singapore. These are fairly straightforward and involve choosing whether the ball will stop on a red or black color, whether the number will be odd or even, and what broader interval the number will be in.

That’s basically it! How much you bet and what numbers you choose in a game of roulette in Singapore is entirely up to you.


Playing online roulette rather than its actual casino counterpart does not mean transfers run any less smoothly. At Bet888Win, all your transactions are processed in real time, which means funds are available in your account only minutes after you make a deposit. The same goes for when you choose to withdraw profits. We process your request on the same day in under three hours.

Of course, we keep all of the details above fully confidential. Our database is encrypted using a 128-bit algorithm so that your information is always private and secure when you play roulette in Singapore on our platform.

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