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04, Feb, 2013


Alex bro highly recommended. lose quite a lot recently. today win back 5000+. alex bro transferred over within 5mins. clearance is super fast. Bet with a peace of mind.

04, Feb, 2013


Bro thxs for the wonderful service u have provided super fast to top up super fast in trf winnings.

03, Feb, 2013


No horse run service. Better than those internet bet sites.Usually internet bet sites is fast top up, but when it comes to payment, it takes a while. Bro Alex has never failed to transfer my winnings within an hour of request. Definitely better than those ah meow ah gao agents out there. Want money fast when i lose, but take own sweet time to transfer my winnings. Even own friends who are agents never come close to Bro Alex’s service. Some even disappear with my winnings!

31, Jan, 2013


My first review was on 07/01. So few weeks had passed and i would say the service is consistent and excellent. Fast response and fast payout, no dilly dally but top notch professional. I was asked to write this 2nd review and i obliged immediately because everyone punter deserve to know where to get reliable and good service.

29, Jan, 2013


FAST DEPOSIT & WITHDRAWAL …fantastic Service…. Keep the job…

19, Jan, 2013


bro alex,u service is very nice,if win can take out money immediately for betting,i like it…

07, Jan, 2013


Thumbs up Alex Aka BET888 Thumbs up for his service. Been losing the last few weeks, manage to recoup some back last night. Reason why always bet with him because deposit fast, payout fast, replies fast(very impt) Money feel very safe with him without having to worry agent run road. Overall very good service from him. Cheers!

06, Jan, 2013


Excellent servicem was able to have winning sent to my account in less then 5min. keep it up bro.

05, Jan, 2013


had asked for 2k withdrawal from bet888. again…done within 15 min. winning about 1.5k now..hope tomorrow will see same efficiency! u guys should use horse run

04, Jan, 2013


Rating 10/10 Two words to describe bro BET888 Alex, fast and efficient. This is my first online betting account and I was a bit skeptical about opening one because of hearing all the stories of agents running off without paying. After I asked to withdraw my winnings, I got my money within 10 minutes. Will definitely recommend bro Alex. Two thumbs up!

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